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What’s The Opposite Of Positive?


Negative!!  And that’s what my beta test result was.  Nurse R called me on Friday with the news.  I wasn’t surprised considering the odds were slim going in and since I had absolutely no symptoms during my TWW.

I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t disappointed, but being realistic throughout the TWW helped to minimize the disappointment.  I was happy however to be able to stop taking those progesterone suppositories.  Along with the anxiety of wondering what was going on inside of my body, taking that progesterone was the worst part of the TWW.  And I was super happy to be able to take some medicine to help dry up all of the congestion I had from my cold.  I used the rest of the weekend to recuperate and am feeling so much better now.  Hooray for cold & allergy medicine!!


8 thoughts on “What’s The Opposite Of Positive?

  1. I’m sorry to hear that round one wasn’t the one. You’ve done so much preparation to get to this point, it must be disappointing. I’ve been thinking about you and your journey. Be kind to yourself, better yet spoil yourself!

    • Thanks C! Yes, it was disappointing. I gave myself my moment to be sad but didn’t stay there. I’m actually planning a little get away to spoil myself. 🙂 Hope all is well with you…

  2. I’m sorry 😦 i know how disappointing it is to hear.

  3. Hey there, just checking in to see if you’re doing ok. I’ve gone dark on the blog thing for a while because the constant negatives were so depressing. But here’s to hoping you’re doing great, enjoying life and maybe just too busy to write.

    • Hey there! Thanks for checking on me. :). I’m doing ok but like you, I’ve gone dark for a bit. I actually disconnected myself from all forms of social media. I really haven’t had much to write. The bfn hit me harder than I thought it would so I’ve just been trying to keep busy and not focus on things. Hope all is well with you and the home improvement projects are coming along!!

      • I can totally relate. Go dark as much as you need to but remember you’ve got me cheering you on and sending good vibes your way. Be kind to yourself and spoil yourself everyday.

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