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I Feel Like Crap!


Last night, after hanging out with K, I got home and was so tired.  I didn’t have any strength to watch television or anything else.  I immediately put on my pajamas and feel asleep at 8:30 pm.  My sleep was nice and peaceful until 4:00 am when I woke up with a very painful sore throat.  My immediate thought was to run to my medicine cabinet for my trusty supply of dimetapp and a throat lozenge.

But when I got to the bathroom it hit me: “You can’t take any of this because you don’t know if you are pregnant!”  And at that moment I kind of got angry.  I just wanted to feel better but couldn’t do anything at the moment to do so.  If I knew I was pregnant, or had any symptoms of pregnancy, I probably wouldn’t have been so upset because I know the denial of medicine is for a greater cause.  But the not knowing made the way I was feeling even worse.

So I went back to bed and tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t.  I tossed and turned with every swallow, sneeze and cough.  And I’ve been up ever since, with the exception of a 10 minute nap on the couch.  Aside from drinking some tea, or sipping on some lemon juice and honey, I don’t even know what I can do to make myself feel better right now.  I feel like crap and this sucks!

My appetite is still lacking and everything I eat tastes like it has no flavor.  Although I did just enjoy some celery sticks with salt and a cup of mango nectar.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my food but for the last week I have only been eating just to eat so I’m not hungry.  The only thing that’s bringing me some comfort right now is curling up on the couch, under a blanket, next to my dog.

I also had a crying spell today, which was so weird.  I was watching the series finale of Dexter, which I had on DVR, and I started balling my eyes out as it neared the end.  Why the heck was I crying over a show about a serial killer?!!  These progesterone pills are messing with my hormones!

I guess the only “good” thing that came from this cold is that it prevented me from going to the store to buy a home pregnancy test.  Yesterday I made up my mind that I was going to POAS.  I just wanted to know one way or the other what the results are.  Guess I’ll have to wait at least one more day…



2 thoughts on “I Feel Like Crap!

  1. hope you feel better today! soooo….did you poas? lol

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