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Symptom Spotting (This Is Torture)


I am 7 & 6 days post IUIs number 1 & 2, and this two week wait (tww) is killing me!  It’s amazing how calm I was the first couple of days.  I was even joking with my mom, who came with me for IUI #2, about how she’s probably the only grandparent that was in the room when their grandchild was created.  In the midst of my cramps from the procedures, I was in an extremely positive mood.  However, things started to change around day 4…

Every moment that I’m not busy doing something I’m either thinking about my chances or researching “early pregnancy symptoms”.  Every little twinge or cramp I get, I am symptom spotting and wondering what’s going on inside my body.  To tell you the truth, aside from the cramps that I had up until Tuesday, which was 5 & 4 days post IUIs, I haven’t had any symptoms.  The cramps are gone.  I had a slight spell of nausea while eating some oatmeal the other morning, but I think that was from a combination of the progesterone pills and just me worrying myself sick.  I think I’m constantly trying to create some symptoms in my head.  I tell myself it’s ok not to have any symptoms because it’s way too early to expect to see any, but it doesn’t help reading all of the stuff on the net about women who “just know” immediately after they conceive or start having symptoms right away.

My question is, how do you remain hopeful and positive while at the same time being realistic?  I want to remain positive and think that I am PUPO, but I also don’t want to get my hopes up so much and be disappointed if the results aren’t what I want them to be.  I know my chances for this attempt were very slim.  And I decided to “go big or go home” and take the risk.  But now the odds, or lack thereof, are constantly on my mind.  This tww is torture!!!

And I usually use food as my comfort, but I have totally lost my appetite.  Nothing tastes right to me.  What’s this foodie to do?  I can’t even have a drink to help calm my nerves.  Again, this tww is torture.

I am trying my best not to pee on a stick.  On one hand I say just wait until the blood test.  On the other I say, well, if you get a negative before the blood test then you will be more prepared for the results from the blood test and it won’t be a surprise.  I guess Sunday is the earliest I could pee on a stick.  Will I be able to hold out???


5 thoughts on “Symptom Spotting (This Is Torture)

  1. i feel your pain. i symptom spotted like crazy!!! i think the reason i felt so much was the clomid. do yourself and don’t pee on a stick. implantation probably hasn’t even happened yet. no matter how prepared you think you are, seeing a negative result really sucks. try and ride it out…i know it’s hard. SO HARD!!! good luck. fingers and toes crossed that you get a BFP!

    • Thanks Bee! I thought for sure I would at least have some lingering effects from the clomid as well. But I’ve got nothing, which I think is more bewildering… I haven’t bought any tests yet and I’m trying to stay away from the store…

  2. i meant do yourself a favour and don’t POAS 🙂

  3. I laughed as I read this b/c I am pretty sure all of us on here felt like they could have written this. We have all been EXACTLY where you are right now 🙂 And really….do not POAS! It will save your sanity!

    • Lol, glad I’m not the only one. 🙂 I am trying really hard not to POAS. Although I feel like I’m losing my sanity by not POAS! I feel like I need to know either way so I can get on to the next step, whatever that might be. Ugh. 🙂

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