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Taking A Leap Of Faith


I went in this morning for my additional ultrasound and blood work to see if my left follicle grew any.  After my blood work I went to the ultrasound room and waited for the tech to come in.  To my pleasant surprise it was Dr. N that walked through the door.  She said that she wanted to personally do the scan with hopes that things were looking better.  I was happy to see her and her baby bump.  She told me over the phone yesterday that she was expecting and would be out of the office next month on maternity leave.  Although I’ve had a couple of conversations with her, I hadn’t seen her since May so wasn’t able to see her growing belly, which was a pleasant surprise.  I was hoping that she would pass off her baby making juju on me…

After looking at my lining, she went to look at the right follicle.  Of course it was doing fine.  It grew 1 mm overnight and was now measuring 23 mm, so it was nice and ripe.  If only it was on my left side…  She then checked the left and with disappointment discovered that instead of growing it actually shrunk.  Yesterday it was measuring 12 mm; today it was 10 mm.  Dr. N searched in earnest to see if she could find anything else on the left, but there was nothing of substance.  We discussed the findings, or lack thereof, and I told her that I still wanted to go through with the IUI tomorrow.  She said that was fine, wished me good luck and told me to wait for Nurse R to call me later with my instructions.

I decided I was going to take a leap of faith and pray for the best.  I was up all night reading stories of women who conceived with one fallopian tube and one ovary, each on the opposite side of each other.  The fallopian tube picked up the egg that was released by the opposite side ovary.  So it’s possible…  And we still don’t know definitively that my tube is blocked.  So there’s still chance, right?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!  After all these months of delay, I at least need to give it a try.  And my follicle is so ripe it’s just waiting to release my egg and meet McSpermie.  I feel like I just need to give it a good faith try and see what the next two weeks bring.

When Nurse R called, she told me that my blood work indicated that I was starting to surge so I didn’t have to take the trigger shot tonight.  That right follie is just so anxious to get out!  So my IUI is scheduled for 2:45 tomorrow afternoon.  I’m a little nervous but I’m going to continue to think positive thoughts and hope my leap of faith pays off.


5 thoughts on “Taking A Leap Of Faith

  1. Yay!!!!! Good luck to you! Fingers and toes crossed. And yes…anything is possible 🙂

  2. it’s hard…i cannot lie!!! lol. but i am almost there 🙂 let us know how tomorrow goes!!!

  3. Soooooo excited for you! Good luck!

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