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One More Day


Last night I tried to remain hopeful and prayed for a bigger follicle on my left side.  So I went into my cycle day 11 ultrasound thinking positive thoughts.  I found out that my right follicle grew 4 mm overnight!  That sucker is now 22 mm!  Looks like my right ovary wants to be an overachiever…  My follicle on the left side grew 3 mm and is now measuring at 12 mm.  So there was some progress, but clearly not enough.

I left the office and waited for Dr. N to call me.  I was in a hearing when my cell phone went off, so I quickly stepped out of the hearing room and ran into a bathroom to talk to her.  We discussed my options and the chances of success for this cycle.  The numbers weren’t great.  However, I know that nothing is guaranteed and in the game of fertility, you just never know what can happen.  As my mom, my number one cheerleader, said: “She didn’t say zero.  All you need is a one percent chance!”

Dr. N told me that she was still waiting for my blood work to come back, but she wanted to talk to me first to get an idea of what I was thinking so she could come up with a game plan once she got the test results back.  I asked her if I was her sister, what would she tell me to do.  She then flipped the script on me and posed me the following question: “Would you be more upset if you tried this month and it didn’t work OR would you be more upset if you cancelled this cycle, waited until next month and you still only have one follicle from your right ovary?”  My immediate response was I’d be more upset if I waited until next month and still found myself in the same place.  And with that conclusion, I decided to go ahead to not throw in the towel yet and press my luck for this cycle and see what happens.

She told me that once she got my labs back she would have Nurse R call me back to tell me how I should proceed.  Nurse R wound up calling me about an hour later and gave me some promising news.  My labs showed that my LH surge didn’t peak yet, so Dr. N was giving me one more day to see if the left follicle would make any more progress.  I will go back in tomorrow morning for another ultrasound and blood work.  So I’m hoping for tremendous growth of that left follie tonight.  I’m also nervous to see how big that right follie is going to be — hopefully not too much bigger.

I have a tentative IUI scheduled for Thursday afternoon.  I hope I can make it that far without my body deciding to ovulate on its own.  I’m feeling crampy with a little pressure (and a lot of bloat), but nothing painful.  I just peed on my OPK stick and it did not detect a surge — hopefully it remains that way for the next 24 hours and gives that left follie a chance to grow and I can give myself the trigger shot tomorrow night.  In the world of fertility every day counts, and I’m thankful that I have one more day to see how this cycle is going to pan out…


4 thoughts on “One More Day

  1. My follies always get much bigger the day after I get my positive surge. You still have time!! We are all hoping you get a TWW soon!! 😉

  2. How did it go? I’ve been sending your follicle happy strong & healthy growth thoughts. It sounds like your RE are communicating well about risks, options and possible scenarios. If your IUI is tomorrow I’m sending a gazillion wonderful thoughts…I’ll be about five days right behind you.

    • Well, that left follie just petered out and instead of growing it actually shrunk! I really like my RE and she does a great job at communicating things. I’ve decided to just go ahead and press my luck and see what happens with this big ole ripe right follicle. Since they aren’t 100% sure my right tube is blocked and there is a possibility that the left tube could pick up the egg. My first IUI is tomorrow afternoon, so I appreciate all the good vibes! And lots of baby dust to you! We’ll be in our TWW together… 🙂

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