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Check [For] Yo Self, Before You Wreck Yo Self

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It’s been an interesting weekend.  It started with me having to break up with my old hair salon, after one of the stylists in there damaged my hair last week.  So on Saturday I went to a new salon and wound up getting a haircut, which looks great.

I was a little nervous about going to the new salon and cutting my hair but after talking to the stylist, she made me feel comfortable.  So much so, that I even opened up to her about my choice to become a single mom by choice and my upcoming IUI.  She was really excited for me and wanted to know all about it.  After she finished styling me and I was getting ready to leave, she wished me good luck and said that she hopes that the next time I come to see her I have great news.  I left the salon feeling happy.

On the drive home, I decided to go to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions that Nurse R faxed in.  At first I was just going to wait until Monday to go get them but something told me to just go pick them up to make sure I had them in my possession.  When I got to the pharmacy I thought it was my lucky day because there were only 3 people ahead of me.  I go to the pharmacy that is located in my HMO’s medical facility and it’s like going to a pharmacy located in a hospital — always crowded!  So I was happy to know that I wouldn’t have to do my customary wait.  When the pharmacy tech called my number, I went to the window and he looked up my information.  He went to a bin and pulled out the prescriptions (clomid, ovidrel, and progesterone) that were already filled.  I looked at the box that contained the ovidrel (which is the trigger shot that I will take to make me ovulate) and it had a red label on it that said “keep refrigerated” and I immediately started to say “hmmmm.”  I asked the tech if it had to be refrigerated and he said yes.  So I said: “Well, why was it sitting in the bin and not refrigerated?”  He then replied: “Well, it’s always so cold in here I don’t think it matters.”  I didn’t like that response so I asked to speak to the pharmacist.  She then came over, looked at the box and said: “You’re right, it must be refrigerated and shouldn’t have been sitting in the bin all day waiting for you.  I’ll get you a new one out of the fridge.”  I thanked her and then proceeded to pay for the rest of the scripts.  This is when my spidey sense started to go off…

I looked at the receipt and one of the line items said “anti-depressant”.  I asked the tech what that meant and he said: “That’s just the way it rang up on the receipt.”  I felt a little weird about that answer so when I got back to my car, I took the prescriptions out of the bag to check to see if everything was ok.  Progesterone, check.  Ovidrel, check.  Clomipramine…huh???  I was looking for clomid, or its generic name clomiphene.  What the hell is clomipramine???  I scanned the label and it said it was the generic for anafranil.  Now I was totally confused!  But never fear, iPhone to the rescue.  I immediately did a search for this clomipramine and guess what it is?  An anti-depressant!!!  What the f?!?!  Certainly this is not going to stimulate my ovaries to produce more follicles.  It may make me not care if I don’t ovulate but I needed and wanted my clomid.  So I walked back into the pharmacy frustrated and trying to remain calm.  I spoke to the pharmacist and explained my concerns.  She seemed a little concerned as well, but told me she needed to find my original prescription to “make sure” that the doctor didn’t prescribe that.  I told her: “Surely my reproductive endocrinologist wouldn’t prescribe me that to help me ovulate.  I’m 100% certain that she prescribed clomid.”  But she made me wait for nearly 45 minutes before she was “satisfied” that I was actually supposed to get clomid instead of what they gave me.

I’ve been working on trying to stay calm and stress free for the last couple of weeks, so instead of flipping out I waited, somewhat patiently, for them to fix their screw up.  I then thanked her for fixing it and she said: “I really want to thank you for being so patient.”  I said: “This has been a long, bumpy road so far, and I’m just looking at this as another small bump in the road.  Hoping it all turns out right.”  And then she replied: “Well I certainly hope it ends in a baby bump.”  I smiled and said thank you and then left.

My lesson with this pharmacy debacle: read and check everything for myself.  And if I have any questions, ask!!  I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I didn’t check the prescriptions and just took them without any questions.  My first IUI cycle would’ve been wrecked!  I would’ve gone into my 10 day scan looking for multiple follicles and wondering why there weren’t any.  I’m glad my Sherlock Holmes (as one of my exes used to call me) came out and prevented an IUI disaster.

When I got home, I had a surprise visitor.  It was Aunt Flo!!  She decided to come 2 days early!!  I guess she couldn’t wait to get the party started either.  I called my clinic and scheduled my 3 day scan and blood work for tomorrow morning.  So my first (and hopefully successful) IUI cycle has officially started!

I ended the weekend with another visitor.  My friend S came over with her 7 month old son, J.  This is my first time seeing him since he was born.  He’s such a cutie pie.  He threw up on me, drooled all over me, and then decided he wanted to rub my belly.  And I loved every moment of it!  I’m going to take Baby J’s bodily fluids and belly rubbing as a little good luck — baby dust from a baby.  🙂  Although I kept saying to myself: “Are you ready for this?  Can you really do this?  Yes you can!  You got this!”  No turning back now!  Let’s go!!


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