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Double My Pleasure, Double Their Fun

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“I want twins!”  This is what I told my mom this weekend and I could not believe those words were uttered out of my mouth.  Why on earth would I say this?  How did I come to this conclusion?  Especially after I’ve been terrified about this possibility since I first thought about the process of having assisted fertilization.  How on earth would I be able to manage or afford two babies at the same time all on my own?

I have two brothers and we had lots of fun times together while growing up.  Watching my niece and nephew this weekend reminded me of these fun times.  I had a tinge of sadness thinking about my child growing up as a single child and not being able to share in the sibling love.  After watching the interactions of my niece and nephew this weekend and the way they love each other and play together, I realized that my child needed a sibling.  And since this would possibly be my only chance at getting pregnant and having a baby, I thought the only way I could give my child a sibling is to have twins.  So why not double my pleasure by having two babies and double their fun while growing up together?  Twins would mean double happiness for all of us.

Since I will be having a medicated IUI cycle (using fertility drugs to increase the amount of follicles that will mature and hopefully ovulate) the possibility of having twins is real.  So I’m putting my intention out into the universe and we’ll see what happens…

I’m still waiting to hear from Dr. N about my tsh and prolactin test results to see if I can do my first (and hopefully last) IUI next month.  Once I hear from her I will surely create a post to update everyone.  Until then, I’ll be thinking about seeing double.  🙂


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