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Ouch Needle

Even though they have to go through special training, all phlebotomists should not have a license to collect blood.  There is an art to drawing blood with as little pain as possible and today I got a technician that was far from an artist.  I went to the lab to have my blood drawn to check my thyroid and prolactin levels (this was the 5 week check after my last visit with Dr. N).  If my levels are okay, I can do my IUI next month…

I’m not scared of needles and am usually a pretty good trooper when I have to get my blood drawn.  After verifying my name and patient ID number with the technician I sat down in the seat and showed him both of my arms so he could choose the perfect vein.  After looking at both arms he decided to go with my left arm.  He proceeded to prep the area with alcohol and then took out the needle.  As he neared my arm, I do what I normally do and that is look away — even though I’m not scared I don’t like watching the needle go into my vein.  So I did not see when he entered my vein but I sure as heck felt it!  I yelled out “ouch!” and nearly jumped out of the chair as I felt excruciating pain as he jammed the needle into my arm.  The technician must have apologized at least 10 times but that did not take away the pain.  When he removed the needle from my arm he placed a piece of gauze at the puncture site which was immediately soaked with blood.  I have never experienced anything like that before.  As I write this blog, my arm is black and blue and still sore.  For all of this pain, I sure hope I get some positive test results!

I have to go back in another two weeks for the follow-up tests that my endocrinologist wants me to do (hopefully he will be on the same page with Dr. N and give me clearance to go ahead with the IUI).  If I see the same technician I will politely decline his services and wait for the next available tech.  I don’t want to experience that pain ever again.  So my fingers are crossed for perfect hormone levels and a pain free test.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Ouch!!!

  1. I don’t think I will ever get used to getting poked in the arm weekly. It hurts for me every time! Sorry yours hurt so bad. Someday soon this will all be worth it ;).

  2. yikes! that sounds horrible. I went for bloodwork 5 days in a row. the nurse favoured one vein 3 times in a row and i actually have a bump from the scarring! never mind the huge bruise. not fun!

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