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Capturing the Little Moments


What a difference a week can make.  This past weekend was so much better than the last.  It was filled with fun and lots of laughter.  After a long hectic week, juggling work and 32 hours of a Continuing Legal Education course, I spent most of Saturday looking at this view:


The view from my beach chair

I don’t know what it is about the beach, but the sound of the ocean waves, the feeling of sand between my toes and the sun shining on my face, and the smell of Coppertone can always put me in a good mood.  And when you’re there with great company, it makes the experience even better.  It was my friend K’s birthday, so we (K, B and my mom) decided what better way to celebrate a birthday than relaxing on the beach.  We talked about life, ate junk food, laughed, took naps, ate a little more, played in the ocean, and even got on a couple of amusement park rides on the boardwalk.

Even though the subject of the baby came up, I really didn’t think about the process, the financials or the success rates.  We mainly just talked about what we would do with the baby next summer and how we would handle coming to the beach with the baby.  All positive thoughts…  In between the positive thoughts I had some quiet time to reflect on life and how fortunate I am.  I may not have everything that I want but I certainly have everything that I need.  Most importantly, I have my loving family, and great friends like B and K to provide me with constant support and motivation. I really couldn’t go through this process without them.

So, if I get down or go through a rough patch over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to reflect on this weekend.  I’ll envision my view from my beach chair and the joy I felt; it will surely help me make it through.  In life, it’s the little moments that really count and you must do everything to capture them.  Just remember:



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