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“Having a Baby is Hard!” — My Nephew, Age 5

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I am the world’s coolest and greatest aunt.  (So I’ve been told by my niece and nephew).  I love my niece and nephew as if they were my own and last night I had the pleasure of babysitting them.  I took them to the park and watched them play and then we went for a walk around a lake as we ate italian ices from Rita’s.  We when got back to my brother’s house we sat on the couch and watched some television; my niece curled up next to me on one side and my nephew on the other, both with their heads on my chest.  I previously wrote about a conversation I had with my nephew about me having kids.  Well, last night he brought the topic up again.  He picked his head up off of my chest and looked at me with his innocent eyes and this is how the conversation went:

Nephew: Do you want kids?

Me: Of course I do.

Nephew: Well, you NEED to have some right now. (Emphasis all his)

Me: Oh really.

Nephew: Yes!  So you should get married and have some kids right now!

Me: Why?

Nephew: Because I just think you should have some kids.  And you should have them now so I won’t be too old and they will know me and we can play together.  If you have one now, when I’m 10 it will be 5.

Me: Oh so you just want some cousins to play with?

Nephew: Well, I want some cousins, but I also want you to have some kids.  So get married and have some kids, ok?!  But you know, having a baby is hard, but once they get bigger it’s not that hard anymore, but I can help you.

Me: Ok, thanks buddy.  I will work on having some cousins for you to play with…

This conversation got me thinking about all of the questions my niece and nephew will have once I get pregnant and have my baby.  In particular:


Once I have my baby, how am I going to explain to them that I have a baby but did not get married?  How am I going to explain to them that my baby does not have a father?  I began to get worried, but then realized that having to explain to my niece and nephew about my conception and my child’s donor will be the perfect opportunity for me to practice telling my child about its birth and parentage.  Having to explain it first to my niece and nephew will probably make it a little easier for me to have to explain it to my child.  They will probably ask me all of the questions my child might ask and by the time my child asks them I will already have an answer.  Hopefully…

So with this conversation on my brain I decided to search for a donor today.  Typically when I log onto the donor website I have so much anxiety and feel as if I don’t know what to look for.  But surprisingly today my search was a bit easier.  I actually found 4 donors that I “favorited” and am highly interested in.  I still have some more searching to do until I’m 100% sure of who I want to choose, but I’m one step closer to giving my niece and nephew a little cousin to play with.  🙂


One thought on ““Having a Baby is Hard!” — My Nephew, Age 5

  1. It is clearly apparent your nephew is one smart kiddo. Good luck in finalizing your donor choice. Four favorites is a good place to start. I noticed that once I choose my top two donors, I never doubted the choice nor did I have any interest in further shopping. It was actually quite calming once the choice was final. Good luck & choose well!

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