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Thanks For Being Normal

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“Thanks for being normal!”  That’s what “Mr. Texas” said last night as he was hanging up from our two hour phone conversation.  And he took the words right out of my mouth!  I “met” Mr. Texas through an online dating website.  Anyone who knows me knows that my experience with online dating has been quite interesting to say the least.  And from our conversation last night, I could tell that he has had an interesting experience as well.  I’ve talked to and met a lot of “not so normal” men so it was a pleasant surprise to actually talk to someone “normal”.

I could not believe that we actually talked that long.  As you know from my previous posts, lately I’ve been meeting a lot of men who seem to be adverse to talking on the phone and just want to text, so it was refreshing to have a live conversation.  Even though it was our first conversation it kind of felt like we already knew each other.  We had quite a bit in common and shared a lot of laughter.  The conversation just flowed and we both could not believe that we were on the phone for so long.  And honestly the only reason why we got off of the phone was because it was after 11 pm and we both had to be at work this morning.

Mr. Texas is from you guessed it, Texas.  🙂  He moved to the DC area last year for work.  He seems smart, funny, and like a southern gentleman.  I know it’s just one conversation, and I’m not investing a lot in it, but it was a nice start.  We exchanged a few texts this afternoon and he said that he looks forward to speaking to me again.  So here’s to hoping he continues to be normal, more long phone conversations and a possible first date…  🙂


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