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Just One Kiss (Out of the Mouth of Babes)


For the past 5 days I’ve been using an ovulation prediction kit to see if I could tell when I’m ovulating.  I need to practice this “skill” so when I’m ready to do the insemination, I will know how to predict my ovulation and be able to perfectly time the insemination.  I even bought a fancy digital reader because surely that will help me interpret the results better than the cheaper non-digital reader…  Each morning I peed on the stick as instructed, and after 3 minutes the results were in with a big fat NO!  Yesterday, I was surprised with a new message: a flashing “error” sign.  Obviously this is going to take some practice…

This new routine made me think of a funny conversation I had with my nephew.  Last month, I took my niece, who is 8, and my nephew, who is 5, shopping at Target.  We were walking around the store looking at things and acting silly as we usually do.  We picked up a few outfits for them and then some miscellaneous items.  We actually spent a lot of time looking at the flavors for the sodastream machine (their dad, who is my brother, bought one for Christmas, and they’ve been fascinated with it ever since).

As we are walking to the cash register, out of the blue my nephew asked me: “Do you want to have kids?”  (I didn’t think much of this because for the past couple of years both my niece and nephew have often asked me about why I don’t have kids yet or whether I’m going to give them some cousins to play with).  I said sure, of course I do.  He then said: “Well, just find a husband and tell him to kiss you.”  And before I could respond he said: ” How many kids do you want?”  I told him I would love to have two children.  He said: “Oh ok, well just tell him to kiss you twice.”  After that comment, all I could do was laugh and say oh, okay…  I really wanted to say, I wish it were that easy buddy.

Imagine, having just one simple kiss and you’re pregnant.  This would be terrible for most people – you’d have to abstain from kissing until you were ready to have a baby.  But in my situation, how awesome would that be right now if I could just kiss one guy.  I wouldn’t have to worry about ovulation prediction kits, blood work or sonograms.  I wouldn’t have to worry about going on to a donor sperm website and fishing through the donors to try to pick my baby daddy.  Just one kiss and it would be done.

As a child, I used to believe in fairy tales.  Cinderella and Snow White both found their Prince Charming.  So where is mine?  I’m even willing to find that frog that’s going to turn into my prince as soon as I kiss him (hey, I can kill two birds with one stone, turn the frog into a prince and get knocked up at the same time). 


As an adult, I know that fairy tales are things that we tell children so they’re not so afraid of the big adult world.  But it sure would be nice if they actually came true.  Until then, it’s back to reading donor profiles and learning how to use this ovulation prediction kit…


4 thoughts on “Just One Kiss (Out of the Mouth of Babes)

  1. So I just learned about you blog today from T – and wow I can so totally relate. As a 39 year old professional, semi-financially stable, and now married woman, I’ve too had to learn that fairy tales are for children. Though I did find my prince charming, I too have had to do the ovulation prediction tests and the daily temperature checks, the HSG, the hormones levels, the blood work, the surgery to repair my body because it won’t get me pregnant on its own, and everything in between. You’ve mentioned this before, but I believe its important to state again: As women, we live in a society that conditions us to believe that when we are mentally (or financially, emotionally, etc.) prepared to have children or meet the right person to have children with, our bodies will just follow. The sad truth is, that is not the case. The one thing I’ve learned in the last 9 months of getting myself to start fertility treatments, and for what it’s worth, my suggestion to you is Trust Your Instincts. I may have gotten to where I need to be a lot sooner, had I done just that…

    According to my fertility specialist, my body still isn’t ready for me to start the process. And on most days, I accept that. But, I know there are things I can do to get me ready and so in the meantime, I am taking care of myself so that I too can become a mommy. I know the same will be said for you!

    • Thanks for your comments and words of support Soleil96. As you probably feel the same way, looking back to my pre-death of a fairy tale life, this is just not how I pictured my life. But I try to remind myself that my focus now, which is super hard at times, is to try to live in the present and focus on the things I have control over to help me get some semblance of the life I imagined. This process can be very emotionally draining, and I’m glad you have your prince charming to help you through it.

      We will get over these bumps in the road. When this is all over with, we can sit back and smile while we watch our kids enjoy a playdate together. 🙂

      In the meantime, if you have anything in particular that you do to help you handle the stress, please do not hestitate to share.

      Good luck on your quest!!!

  2. Your blog inspires me! So much so, I have nominated you for the Libester award. Check it out here:
    Thank you, keep up your amazing posts!

    • Thank you so much! I am flattered. I started following your blog and have enjoyed reading it. As someone who is budget conscious I look forward to following your tips. Also, it’s great to see how others manage working and being a mom.

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