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HSG = Uncomfy

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Yesterday I had an hysterosalpingogram, commonly referred to as an HSG.  It’s an x-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes.  A catheter is placed through the cervix and a dye is injected into the uterus.  The x-ray reveals any abnormalities of the uterus or the tubes, and checks to see if there are any blockages.  If the tubes are not blocked by scar tissue or adhesions, the dye will flow into the abdominal cavity.  I had to get this test done before my GYN can give me the referral to the fertility clinic.


I did my homework and read up on the procedure prior to going and became super nervous after reading all the horror stories about the pain that some women felt.  A lot of women said it hurt like hell, others said they felt nothing or just slight cramps, so I didn’t know what to expect.  I asked my parents to come with me, first for the moral support, and second because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to drive myself home after the procedure.  I’m glad they were able to accompany me.

After waiting for what seemed a really long time, a nurse finally called me to the back.  I didn’t realize how nervous I was until I had to sign a form and saw how much my hands were shaking.  I then changed into my oh so fancy paper hospital gown and she takes me into the procedure room and then I hop up on the table and wait for the doctor to come in.  The doctor introduces herself, and then says oh, I read your chart, and I see that you are single and using donor sperm, why is that?  I thought to myself, oh here we go with the judgement.  But after my explanation, she actually gave me a high five and told me “good for you.”  This kind of relaxed me but didn’t totally take away the nerves.

Now this is when the fun began…  I had a previous surgery to remove an 8 cm cyst from my right ovary, which left me with scar tissue in my abdomen that attached to my uterus and has pulled it to the right.  This makes visualizing my cervical opening difficult for some doctors.  And unfortunately this doctor had a difficult time.  She couldn’t get the proper placement of the catheter and had to take it out and re-insert it about five times, which was super uncomfortable.  I’m grateful to nurse Helen for holding my hand when she saw that my discomfort was starting to become painful.  Although I must say that it wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be.  Aside from the pain associated with trying to get the catheter in the right place, the rest of the procedure just felt like menstrual cramps.  However, I’m glad that I took some ibuprofen prior to the procedure; I think that definitely helped with the pain tolerance.

After finally getting everything in place, the doctor injected the fluid and that’s when she discovered that my right fallopian tube is blocked from the surgical scar tissue.  I’m not sure what this means for my chances of becoming pregnant, I guess I will find out when I see the fertility doctor, so I’m not sure how to take this news.  I am glad though that I got the test done.  It kind of gave me “medical” validation for proceeding with my quest before I get any older and may have additional complications.  And I’m one step closer to hopefully being a mommy…


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