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Referrals, Referrals

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Today was supposed to be my first visit to the fertility clinic for my consultation with the fertility doctor.  I was excited and nervous about formally discussing the process.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I had to cancel.  Last week I had a conversation with my gynecologist seeking a referral to the fertility clinic.  I have an HMO, which I hate and is another topic all to itself, so I need a referral for everything.

According to my policy, the insurance company will pay for 50% of fertility treatments.  However, when I spoke to my doctor she told me that said HMO would only cover treatments for patients who are using their husband’s sperm.  Say what?  The insurance company discriminates against single women and same sex couples.  Even though they pay the same premiums as married women.  They won’t even cover treatments for heterosexual married couples that for whatever reason can’t use the husband’s sperm.  Surely this is illegal, right?  Well according to the law of the state that I live in, insurance companies are only required to pay for treatments for married couples using the husband’s sperm.  Of course, the insurance company always has the option to provide more coverage than is minimally mandated by the state.  But most choose to go along with this state sanctioned discrimination.

So after the disappointing conversation with my doctor I went and made the appointment with the fertility clinic for my consultation, prepared to pay for the entire costs of this process out of pocket.  But to my surprise, late last week my doctor contacted me and informed me that the insurance company will now pay for treatments that use donor sperm and she will give me the referral.  However, before  I can get the referral, I have to have a special test/x-ray called an HSG (to check to see if  there are any blockages in my uterus or fallopian tubes).  I have scheduled the HSG for next week.  Once I get the results back I can reschedule my consultation with the fertility clinic.  I’m disappointed with the slight delay, but fortunate that I can use my insurance to help with some of the costs of this process.


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